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As part of our policy, we're unable to do any make-up classes (we just don't have the time), so we expect everyone to be available for the times and dates stated so that the whole group finishes together. If, for any reason, you aren't available to attend a session and you require a certificate, then you will have the opportunity to complete the missed session when we run the next group (which usually starts directly after the last one). Once you have completed all sessions, a Certificate will be issued. We do have terms & conditions, and they're all noted on the registration form, so go ahead, book in, and make sure you read the agreement bit...

why choose shfs?

Why choose us?? Well, if you would like experienced (and qualified!), down to earth, humorous, sometimes swearing, really relatable training and facilitators, we've got your back... Oh, and you can also attend in your PJ's (online programs only please lol), you also won't need to book in a babysitter, and you can access our personalised support offering in between sessions to make sure you can address any issues that need more than a classroom approach.. Check out our team here if you'd like to find out more about us..

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how to google classroom

We use Google Classroom to upload content, workbooks, online links etc. Anyone registered to attend our online groups is invited to join. The how to participant guide can be downloaded below: