Natasha Harman (Tash)

BSocSci, DipComW

CEO, Founder, Families Educator & Program Facilitator

Experienced and dynamic facilitator of family, parenting and youth based courses with the ability to enhance and promote the restoration of positive family relationships.

I keep it real, 100%. I am so very passionate about delivering real life experiences and connecting with participants so they know and understand that we are all just doing the best with what we know, until we know other ways of doing things that for us, will enable us to be more amazing today then we were yesterday. I come with a lot of life experience that enables me to bring it down a notch and relate to anyone's journey, and I rarely read from any book and I promise I won't ever bore clients to death with facts and statistics.

You will come on a journey with me that will start with your story and end in a new version of your story, a better version of your story and my aim is that you walk away feeling pumped about giving life all that you've got, once again. My passion is about supporting people to enhance their lives and to be the best version of themselves they can be. I want to walk beside my clients throughout their growth and be there to cheer them on. My key aim is to foster and support healthy, happy, functioning families, providing anyone that walks through our doors with the knowledge and practical skills to nurture themselves and their children in safe hands.

Tertiary Qualifications

BSocSci (Bachelor of Social Science)

DipComW (Diploma of Community Welfare)

Certified Facilitator & other qualifications

Recognise and Respond Appropriately to Domestic and Family Violence.

Accredited facilitator:

* Circle of Security Parenting Program

* 123 Magic and Emotion Coaching

* Tuning in to Kids

* Tuning in to Teens

* Triple P Parenting Program

* The Shark Cage

* Holyoake DRUMBEAT

* Rock and Water Program

* Secret Agent Society

* Primary Ethics (Teacher)


* Nurturing Attachment

* Growing Children: Helping Parents Understand their Child's Social and Emotional Development

* DV Aware

* Talking with your Kid's' Unifam Counselling and Mediation (The impact of parental conflict on children and moving on to a healthy co-parenting relationship)

* Alcohol and Violence Project Practice Workshop

Current Working with Children, First Aid & NSW Police Check