The last frickin parenting program you'll ever need to do

Membership to Last Frickin Parenting Program You'll Ever Need to Do

Modern Parenting Program where you choose what it is you need, and we deliver it in smaller units! We're still setting up the membership program (for access at any time), however, you can still access the units as we present them LIVE, at a reduced cost (membership will include access to ALL units eventually). But, for now, keep an eye out for the following short workshop programs...

UNITS (of the Last Frickin Parenting Program You'll ever need to do):

LIving with teens

2 x 2 hour sessions

Are you living with a teen, or pre-teen? Do you experience frustration, misunderstandings and arguments with your teen/pre-teen? This unit is a comprehensive 2 session program, designed to get you seeing the world from your teen/pre-teen's eyes, and help you to formulate ways of connecting and being with your teen quickly and easily. This is a fun, interactive short program, and you and your teen will be grateful for the wisdom and knowledge you will gain.

Nek level - the big bang

2 x 2 hour sessions

Are you dealing with an explosive child? Do you experience behaviours that are out of control, and seem to escalate quite quickly? While this unit won't fix everything in 2 sessions, it's the first step in a process of steps to help bring peace and calm to your child, and your family. Don't miss this one - it'll help you to start making changes that will ultimately make huge, positive steps in a healing direction.

school refusal

2 x 2 hour sessions

If you are experiencing school refusal from your child/teen, you know how frustrating and confusing it can be for everyone. This introductory 2 session program will help you to understand what you can do, and the first steps to dealing with what can prove to be a difficult and drawn out process. First steps to understanding how you can deal with the issue is imperative, when you are feeling lost and worried about what to do. You'll either come out of this short program with next steps, or at the very least, confirmation that what you are, or have been doing is ok, and lots of support and direction on where to from here.

being a mindful parent, dealing with anxiety
and more...

coming soon...

If you are interested in this program, please add your name to the waiting list - see below (and for any/all of our programs, including LFPP units, and/or our evidence based programs). We check on this list regularly, and determine our forward planning from there! Thank you!